April 26th, 2020

What is the right thing?

I am a single mother who has been in Preop/PACU for 15 years now. With elective surgeries cancelled we are being pulled to the IMC/ICU. Not only are we being pulled from our area but we are now being forced to work nights and weekends. I can understand being pulled to different units but with a 12 year old at home, a heart condition myself and an elderly mother who is strictly self quarenteened, it poses great difficulty. I am willing to help but the nights and weekends to staff the ICU is a bit much. Anyone else going through this? Thoughts/advice/opinions please. Do we have a leg to stand on or are we just sheep that have to go with the flock??

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Comments (1)

This is an issue many nurses are grappling with. You might find this guidance from the ANA helpful.
There is no universal answer, in the end, each person has to weigh their personal risks with their professional responsibilities based on their unique situation.

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