July 1st, 2020

Walk in our shoes

I appreciate that many people including our hospital administrators are terrified of contracting Covid, but all of them need to walk at least a few hours in our daily lives.

Perhaps they would see the awfulness of our daily lives better and offer more support and be better advocates.

I’d like to believe that everyone is doing their best, but ignoring problems is not doing our best.

I work in a facility where it feels like most leadership especially senior leadership are ghosts. We are short-staffed, we reuse PPE, and it’s just generally asking too much of each nurse or CNA or other support staff member day after day after day.

I work in emergency response and my call volume has also gone up dramatically during the era of Covid. Even when our overall census for the whole house was down, our rapid response call numbers were up - that’s because staff nurses need help.

The biggest issue in my mind isn’t even about RNs although having more would be great; the biggest challenge is not having CNAs. We can’t have the same ratios for when there is no one else to assist and you’re doing ALL the things.

In the end, I can’t know if walking in our shoes would help the powers that be consider the gravity of the decisions they make, but maybe just maybe.

Tags: PPE, Scared, Supplies

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Comments (2)

Comments (2)

Hi Erica, I am a nursing student studying moral distress and was just reading your response and had a few questions. Has this situation resolved since July and COVID remaining prominent in the hospital? Did this overall experience have any impact on your view of nursing as a career? Thank you.

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Hi Erica:

Thanks for sharing your idea. It's a good one!

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