June 11th, 2021

Tammy Bagley , RN ED , ICU , Patient Safety

1.- We must take what we have learned and use it - really evaluate it , listen to frontline and compile the common themes .
2. Take those themes and start the change needed . The theory that a Hospital will always be able to provide any care needed has been challenged and our Vulnerability was made apparent. Hospitals cannot ALWAYS provide everything needed in a community .
3. We must consider the emotional and spiritual side of any pandemic or disaster - while taking away all support from family at a time when a person is in crises is not the best answer .
Understanding the need to limit potential spread has to be evaluated beside the need to have your chosen support person . While we gave our best effort we knew death was coming - but dying alone because of fear of spreading the virus should never be allowed .
4. We experienced a devastating tornado in my small community at the time when the pandemic was ramping up in our area - our small ED handled 36 trauma victim's ( some dying ,all in need of rapid triaging and intervention ) and very limited places to send them . This event is without a doubt showed how a small team can come together , overcome shortages of people , supplies , limited communication and succeed . We new as a team that morning would come and there would be an end to this disaster . The question that we struggled with during the pandemic is not being able to see that end - our strategy must include the long haul - how do we prepare for a Crises and keep hope alive for an extended period of time .

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