July 8th, 2021

Skin Problem

Wikiwisdomforum is a great place. I want to ask that I have a skin problem. I saw some natural products on a website ( https://www.natures-bloom.com/aaron-lal/ ). Can I use these products? Can anyone guide me about these natural products?

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Comments (1)

If I was in charge I would find others in the hospital to make PPE. Not being able to follow simple infection protocol was like being in a real horror show. I would create the funds to pay double to work extra shifts… I would have staff devoted to safely bringing in family members……no one should die without a chosen loved one at the stretcher side. I’d raid the pediatric sections
For pumps and supplies. I would have a pharmacist….one or two on hand to give you medications needed an hour ago. I would have a shower set up for staff and scrubs (paper is good)
To change into before going home…..and, oh, a bag to
Put clothes and shoes….staff checking to make sure all
PPE garb is worn correctly. Proper isolation rooms….
A small area to place cup of water and cup of medication…..
How many times did I have to place cup of water and medication on the floor, unzip the ‘isolation room’ , step inside then reach back for cup of water and cup of medication…….put them on the floor in the ‘isolation room’ and zip back up the door…..then to medicate the patient….no garbage can in the narrow narrow makeshift plastic space. 3 minutes before the shift for all to meditate…….3 minutes in the middle of the shift to meditate and 3 minutes at the end of shift to meditate. Threats are not to be given to Nurses on the frontline in the ED….. several administrators threatened Nurses could be disciplined if reports were
Given to the news reporters…..not finishing all computer and paper work could lead to suspension. In charge I would give encouragement and give a hand as needed. Coffee, tea, juices and water would be in abundance every day and night. Psych people available for staff. We are no heroes. My hospital were not so kind. Never brought beverages to night staff…..we seldom had breaks…..all would have breaks if I was in charge. Stock up extra crash carts….. take the ones from surgery and pediatrics…….more respiratory staff to assist with the vents…..must be more …..a wee bit weary thinking about the way we thought we were sinking on the titanic. We helped each other and wiped each other’s tears while making sure mask and shields were in place…..to lighten the mood I put battery powered electric lights on my shield…….produced smiles that had almost disappeared.

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