July 2nd, 2020


I am currently on maternity leave, but was working on a surgical trauma ICU. I am most concerned with the lack of communication between nurses and management as well as the economics of the hospital as a business. With hospitals generally run by administrators that have no front line experience there is little respect and voice that nurses have. The nurses in administrative roles are faced with adhering to metrics and analysis of PPE equipment use and the like without advocating for the well being of staff nurses. A previous hospital I used to work on punished nurses for using hospital issued scrubs noting that these scrubs were only designated for doctors. This disrespect of nurses from hospital administrators is unfortunate. Nurses need to have more protection as well as the ability to work with administrators for a productive healthcare environment.

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Comments (1)

Hi Maria:

First, congratulations on the baby! Second, this is such an old story -- nurses being disrespected and taken for granted. What ideas do you have for changing that, especially now?

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