June 23rd, 2020

Professional Practice & Development Specialist

Coronavirus pandemic highlighted the healthcare system's deficits with PPE, hospitals' response to a pandemic and the lack of guidance from the administration. the hospital continues to lack adequate PPE - if the country was at war, all industries would halt production and focus on equipment. I feel the USA should be doing the same for frontline staff, not waiting for PPE to be shipped from China.
Administration should acknowledge the amount of nursing care required in ICU for the Covid patient. the staffing ratios need to be addressed- having a 1:3 ratio is dangerous from a safety standpoint ( multiple vasopressor drips, the extensive amount of time via phone or facetime with family providing updates, frequently changing PPE). CNO should routinely be making rounds - be visible- on the covid units as well as noncovid units - they are the captain of the ship. Rounding provides personal contact with frontline staff - just being heard from the staff and providing emotional support. .

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