June 22nd, 2020

Preventative Health Care

During my time spent at the Jatvis Center I saw people from all over come together to provide "crisis management care". I could tell you we needed more trained staff, better equipment,better testing procedures but I think being in the military you are use to making the most of the resources you have been given and I truly believe my unit provided the best care with what we were given. I know people will probably disagree with me because we always have those outliers(i.e. super healthy medical personnel with no pre existing conditions gets sick and dies from COVID) I know everyone has heard one but this was not the case for many of the people we saw. Many had pre existing illnesses that were not being probably managed. DM II and HTN being the top too. Many patients didn't know who there primary care provider was or didn't have one. Our health care as a whole needs to be looked at and it starts with prevention. (ensuring access, affordability, etc) After returning home, teleworking was done much more often. Although, I truly believe personalized care is essential, I also believe teleworking fills many gaps in healthcare.

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Comments (1)

Teleworking and virtual visits in healthcare should become more prevalent in healthcare. Virtual visits and even virtual monitoring can allow for more primary care patients to be seen which would increase access to preventative care and hopefully decrease hospitalizations. The crisis managment care sounds very interesting. Can you describe more about this? This type of training should be a part of nursing education. This pandemic has demonstrated the gaps in nursing education as well as how hospitals function on many levels. Do you think that with military hospitals better able to function in crises that this should be how all hospitals should operate?

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