May 6th, 2020


I have been re-deployed from my school clinic to a primary care pediatric clinic. It has been a major challenge to essentially be in a new role among strangers and patients I do not know, and managing the ever changing daily practice needs and ever changing Covid-19 management guidelines, and the suffering of my patients and their families.

My workplace has been in crisis trying manage the new practices with few resources and leadership, and thus professional support has been minimal.

I am coping with good family support, internal resources and mindfulness, yoga, outdoor activities, and an understanding of my own suffering.

I am often feeling the challenge of moral injury/distress and overwhelm. I cope with these with the resources I have. I have contacted my US Senator with these concerns to continue the dialogue of illuminating and requesting the resources we need for the emotional well being of health care workers. This helps me feel more hopeful as he is a responsive legislator.

I am taking some time off now for respite and that is one way I will be able to continue to care for my patients over time. I fear we will be overwhelmed and not resilient if our working conditions do not improve, however, and if we do not rest and restore ourselves. This is a pivotal time for nurses, and I believe we may see many a silver lining if we continue to see our strengths as advocates and professionals.

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