Frontline Nurses

What have you learned from the frontlines of fighting the coronavirus that you most want policy makers, health care administrators and your bosses to know? If you were in charge, what is the first thing you would change to ensure we never go through this again?


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July 1st, 2020

Walk in our shoes

I appreciate that many people including our hospital administrators are terrified of contracting Covid, but all of them need to walk at least a few hours in our daily lives.

Perhaps they would see the awfulness of our daily lives better and offer more support and be better advocates.

I’d like to believe that everyone is doing their best, but ignoring problems is not doing our best.

I work in a facility where it feels like most leadership especially senior leadership are ghosts. We are short-staffed, we reuse…

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June 28th, 2020

Daily changes, modifications inconsistent with Best Practices

In the beginning, the daunting daily changes were maddening as administrators would ask a group of nurses to research best practices.

We did well at keeping up but realized the short cuts were being instituted.

The disregard for our safety felt demeaning and disrespectful and the standard answer became, “it’s not us, it’s COVID.”

Safe practices with floats being given “preceptorship training” with no didactic. When we explained the safety of our patients was at risk, they gave NOEP Modules to them.

A group of…

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June 28th, 2020

Mr Sam Spatula RN

would like every one to realize that you as a nurse do not necessarily have to deal with active virus patients my job is to make sure that the donors we get are adequate to donate we do not screen for covid 19 we rely on the donor to answer questions truthfully so at any given time myself or my coworkers could be exposed and not know it there for we are at risk just as any nurse working in the hospital setting at least you know who you're at taking care of and you know who has the virus…

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June 28th, 2020


I am scared. If I cannot get PPE I will still have to do my job. I feel nurses have been seen as disposable. A fireman would not be sent into a fire without his equipment. We are human beings, not machines. Employers need to start putting safety first and not just patient safety. Employees need to be protected. I feel that it has always been ok with employers to not provide adequate PPE and to turn a blind eye because it costs money. This has to change. Slips, trips, and falls and back injuries are not the only things…

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June 28th, 2020


1) It seems that N95's have formaldehyde in them. When I wear one, I can't breath both because of the tight seal and because of the antimicrobial whether formaldehyde or other. I don't chart in the patient home because I can't think straight until I leave the home and take off my mask to breath oxygenated non-anti-microbial air. My skin used to get inflamed and burnt like a sun burn even on my cheeks and neck that didn't directly touch the N95. My eyes, my throat all burned and itched.... until I outgassed my masks before wearing them (airing out…

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