Frontline Nurses

What have you learned from the frontlines of fighting the coronavirus that you most want policy makers, health care administrators and your bosses to know? If you were in charge, what is the first thing you would change to ensure we never go through this again?


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March 27th, 2020

Looking for Leadership

“There was a time when I thought brains were everything. That view has dimmed recently. I think brains are important, but now I also look for good team-builders, good communicators, and courageous people who do not get stuck with an idea. You need people who are more nimble, who have the ability to lead organizations in changing and tumultuous times comfortably, without panicking.” Larry Bossidy, CEO, Allied Signal, Inc.

What is leadership? Without thinking deeply about what constitutes an effective leader, I suspect we can all recall good and bad leaders whether in our past…

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March 27th, 2020

Am I Enough?

 I doubt I’m the only nurse who feels she needs to think ahead as far as possible, and do her very best to protect her loved ones, patients, and community. Nurses are taught to think critically, and at our best, proactively. There’s so many variables though, so many things I might not have thought of in advance. It has surprised me how much this feels like the stress I felt as a pediatric intensive care nurse at the beginning of my career, waiting for an admission known to be near death, and wondering, “Do I have all the equipment I…

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March 27th, 2020

The virtual health offices of NJ certified school nurses are open

I co-authored this message with my colleague Eileen Gavin as an open letter to describe the work of school nurses during COVID19.

New Jersey certified school nurses are working throughout the state to keep our students safe, healthy and ready to learn from our virtual health offices. Our buildings may be closed, but we are actively working for our individual school districts by collaborating, cooperating, and consulting with our school staff, parents, and community partners as we navigate this unprecedented pandemic. As certified nurse educators, many of us are using online platforms to connect with students,…

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March 27th, 2020


I wish this crisis was not happening. It hurts to be far from my own family, and that's something I have in common now with my patients. My sister sent a text last week: "Healthcare workers are The Wolf!" (Referencing Harvey Keitel's character in "Pulp Fiction" who is the last line of defense when John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson find themselves in a world of trouble. "That's 30 minutes away. I'll be there in 10" says The Wolf.)

That's how we roll as nurses. One co-worker wheels the bedside computer up to his ICU patient's…

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March 26th, 2020

The wave

I just attended a meeting where our COVID surge curve model was presented. I have been preparing for the overwhelming wave of COVID cases we all will face in the few weeks, and the graph I saw still took my breath away. But I am bolstered knowing this is not forever. Things will change. And when I think too much about the horrible things that might happen to my loved ones, patients and coworkers, I need to match those images in my head with the just as likely best case scenarios of everyone faring very well.

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