May 4th, 2020


I continue in vigilance; being careful and more deliberate in all my actions becomes exhausting. Some days are of course better than others, for no particular reason. My nursing homes are still clear of covid, but it is all around me. My colleagues home has 22, including 6-7 staffers. I am always aware that my own residents of about 70 depend on my caution and my choices at home and in the community carry greater weight.
I am grieved at watching my colleagues struggle in other states, we are all family in nursing and health care). Hearing friends and others minimize this virus and it’s lethal character is upsetting. The social
Distancing is welcome to recharge and refresh. My team are available by phone. The nursing home
Staff are valiant and brave, as we all are.
I continue to stand and hold the line. I pray and hold the line. I know that this work we do is meaningful and worth every minute. A call, not just work. I am proud always to watch over our most vulnerable neighbors.

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