June 18th, 2020

Listening uncomfortably

The past few weeks have been incredibly challenging. I have not been very successful in managing my anger and frustration with the overt racism and prejudice that continues to fuel disparities in health, opportunities, and the right to simply live in our country. Injustice has managed to eclipse the continued burdens of COVID, and even some unexpected burdens at home. My wife, who is in a very high risk category for COVID due to multiple heart problems, was hospitalized about 2 weeks ago and last week, my nearly 2 year-old daughter and I needed to be tested for COVID. My wife is now home and we are all well and COVID-free. I've made time the past few days to regroup and find the space I need for self care that I haven't been prioritizing. I started meditating briefly 2 times a day again to improve my ability to stay present with the people I love, both at home and at work. And I've figured out in my own way how I can contribute to improving justice in our country, even if for now I can't (or won't) be attending any marches.
I continue to be incredibly proud of the incredible staff I work with, and the organization I work for. Today we got to distribute cloth masks to all of our staff so that they can travel to and from work safely. Yesterday I picked up groceries and a premade meal that are available for purchase in our cafeteria. I am listening now to a staff forum, where our head of HR tearfully asked us all to acknowledge that we are uncomfortable as a nation, and we will need to grow in being ok being uncomfortable. From the C-suite to the bedside, caring and care are valued and demonstrated. It does not take long to feel restored.

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Comments (1)

Hi Jen:

Now that were are months into this pandemic, what ideas do you have for changes in policy, work rules or anything else that might make your job easier?

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