June 23rd, 2020

Empowering Future Nurse Leaders

The nursing profession must accept responsibility for and excel in training future nurses, APRNs and nurse scientists to lead others and to collaborate with other future leaders. As a nurse educator, I am reflecting on my own education and the pedagogical approach I take with my students.
- Do we focus so much on an APA adherence that we neglect leadership skillset development?
- Do we focus so much on essential clinical competency attainment that we relegate our social responsibility to those with less clinical training and expertise whether they are esteemed professionals or elected officials?
- As we have grown in number, why has our collective professional voice grown more faint?
- If large national polls deem us trustworthy and ethical, then why are we not deemed good team members or reformers and change agents by those same individuals (Gallup, 2010)?


Robert Wood Johnson & Gallup. (2010). Nursing leadership from bedside to boardroom: Opinion leaders perceptions. https://www.rwjf.org/en/library/research/2010/01/nursing-leadership-from-bedside-to-boardroom.html#:~:text=Thisreportonasurvey,playashealthreformadvances.

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