June 28th, 2020

Daily changes, modifications inconsistent with Best Practices

In the beginning, the daunting daily changes were maddening as administrators would ask a group of nurses to research best practices.

We did well at keeping up but realized the short cuts were being instituted.

The disregard for our safety felt demeaning and disrespectful and the standard answer became, “it’s not us, it’s COVID.”

Safe practices with floats being given “preceptorship training” with no didactic. When we explained the safety of our patients was at risk, they gave NOEP Modules to them.

A group of nurses have often brought to council meetings the need for disaster planning but other desires are always placed ahead of frontline staff.

This is where I like to see the beginning of change, council meetings that allow projects to be determined 50/50. We are educated about compliance measures and understand metrics that must be addressed. We are capable of managing a crisis like COVID while maintaining SAFETY for our patients.

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Comments (1)

Hi Donna:

Thanks for sharing your idea. I have long believed that if nurses ran hospitals, they would run So. Much. Better.

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