April 11th, 2020

A matter of National Security

I continue to wonder if my career is worth the risk to my health and potential to bring illness and death to my family.
I cannot fathom how the CDC can be so fluid with their requirements for personal protective equipment: they have lost all credibility in my mind.
The question of how we can be more prepared in the future is so inextricably linked with other problems in our society as to require a major change in consciousness. Perhaps this will be the gift of COVID. First of all the move to a Global Free Trade Economy has enriched the one percenters and left the rest of us at the mercy of others (sometimes our enemies) for basic supplies and most of our medications. This is a much more pressing National Security issue than building “the wall”.
China and India provide our drugs because they do it cheaper, they do it cheaper because there is less oversight and stockholders are more concerned about the next quarter earnings than a sensible national strategy for being responsible to and assured of our own drug supply.
China has been caught on numerous occasions selling counterfeit antibiotics and chemotherapeutics. This is an untenable situation!
I would much prefer a level of self sufficiency and the decent jobs this would create here.
Also education is sorely lacking in America, why do we not educate more of our own people instead of importing nurses from other countries?
Why does the government provide tax advantages to huge multinational corporations that have created one of the worst diets on the planet and the worst obesity rates in the world. You may think this unrelated to COVID, but we know the best defense is a working immune system. We know our diet is related to major causes of death and disability. We know people that are obese or with Pre existing conditions are at increased risk of poor outcomes from this disease.
I could go on and on. There are so many systemic problems to overcome, but I believe a woke electorate can bring about the changes that we wish for, to make a more liveable, healthy, connected USA that makes life more wonderful for generations to come, rather than the garbage heap we pass on to the next generations if we keep on our current path.

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Comments (1)

Amen! The way to do this is through collective bargaining for all workers. We all walk! The 1% starts losing money because the proletariat isnt slaving away making them richer. It worked for the teachers, we should have walked out when they did. We all stand together. When they hurt one of us, they hurt all of us. Until we come together as one and fight, this will continue.

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